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Over the past 6 years, I have conducted PSLE Science Intensive courses, which have helped many pupils, and brought joy and relief to parents. As Science is very different from other subjects. Once the concepts are understood, techniques memorised, pupils can improved significantly over a relative short period of training compared to other subjects.

This year, anticipating a more difficult paper, going the extra mile (extra rental, travelling & transporting the training materials), I will make my training available in 4 strategic locations in Singapore. 

PSLE Science MasterClass 1-Day Final Booster.

This Masterclass will be coached by former Science HOD and PSLE Science Marker Howard Yu, to help students gain understanding and mastery of all Open Ended Science questions through 1Academy’sSystematic Enhanced Applicational Learning (SEAL).

Here are some core frustrations which I have analysed from more than a decade of teaching science:

  1. Students misunderstood the questions and did not answer according to what the question demands.
    2. They failed to read the questions carefully and start writing out their answers immediately.
    3. They have carelessly omitted important clues from the questions.
    4. Students could not express the expected scientific concepts well and their answers failed to satisfy the full awarding of marks.
    5. Students have fallen prey to poor answering techniques, weak representation of concepts and miss out key scientific vocabulary.

Due to lack of proper explanation by highly qualified science teacher(s), pupils without full understanding of why their answer is wrong, felt helpless. Parents too, have problems grasping what it takes to get that “few marks more” to see significant improvement in their children’s grades.

Waste no more precious time, to put your child’s confidence and marks at risk.    Enrol immediately to secure your child’s confidence and success with our proven Systematic Enhanced Applicational Learning (SEAL).  

We will help your child detect his ‘blind-spots’ in answering Open Ended Questions. Equipping your child well like a SEAL warrior to emerge victorious in the battlefield of PSLE.

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Specialized Training in Science & Maths for Future SEAL Warriors

Dear parents,
I have been running PSLE and P5 Science Intensive Courses since 2011. The most runs were repeated in 2016.
To help pupils understand key concepts better and increase interaction, I keep all my current Intensive Courses up to a maximum of 8 pupils per class.
Who will benefit most from these intensive courses?
(a) Those who have difficulties in getting good marks for section B. As 70% of my delivery time, I emphasise on answering open-ended questions. Typically, those who are scoring less than 80% made the most significant improvement.
“Thank you for your teaching and prayers. Praise God, first time Lyn scored so high for her science exam. She got 83 for the SA2 paper. She jumped from 55 to 83.” Mum of SCGS girl, 2016.
(b) Pupils who are well-behaved and attentive during the training, generally appreciate my training. About 40% of them sign up for weekly training after the intensive course. Those who are diligent to memorise the science concepts in the book which I have published and issue as the key core material for the courses.
Who will not benefit from these intensive courses?
(a) Generally, those who are lazy and refused to complete the work assigned. Or those with medical issues, resulting in memory retention.
Key focused of the intensive courses:
  • Understanding what examiners require.
  • Differentiating the Science Process Skills.
  • Analysis of Common Mistakes made by pupils.
  • Answering Challenging questions.
  • Answering new 5-mark questions.
Clarifying some mis-understood facts:
Here are some examples: (True or False)
1.  During photosynthesis, plants also take in carbon dioxide and oxygen. (True)
    Reason: During photosynthesis, respiration also happens.
2. When we exhale, only carbon dioxide is also given out. (False).
    Reason: The human lungs are not efficient to absorb the 21% of oxygen in the air. In fact only about 7% to 9% can be absorb. The remainder is exhaled. Which is useful for performing CPR.
3. As the height of an object increases, the gravitational force acting on the object decreases, but its gravitational potential energy increases.
So come to 1 Academy to maximise your child’s academic capability in Science and life-long interest in Science.




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