H.O.T. Questions

Some sample Higher-Order PSLE Science questions: (for personal use only. Copyrighted by 1 Academy )

  1. Describe the relationship between the humidity and the rate of evaporation, use a graph to show this relationship. 
  1. Mr and Mrs Yu ordered two bowls of hot corn soup to eat in a Cantonese restaurant. There was ‘white smoke’ forming above the two bowls of hot soup. Explain how this ‘white smoke’ was formed
  1. “Plants respire and give out carbon dioxide only when light is absent.” Is this statement correct? Give your reasons to support your answer. 
  1. In  a gigantic aquarium, there are many submerged aquatic plants which are able to photosynthesis in the day with sunlight and in the night with artficial lighting. A dolphin, named Nebo, is being kept in this aquarium. However, it was observed that Nebo surfaced regularly to breathe. Explain why Nebo needs to surface to breathe even though the aquatic plants produced sufficient oxygen for it to respire.
  1. On a rainy night, Howard slowed down his vehicle from 80km/h to 65km/h on the expressway.

(a) Explain why by slowing down his vehicle, could help Howard react to any emergency braking situation more effectively. Use the concept of frictional force to explain.

(b) Explain how would the weather condition affect the visibility of Howard’s vehicles to other communters? How could Howard improve the visibility of his vehicle when travelling at night in the rain?

(These are just a sample of some Higher Order Thinking (HOT) questions. Come to discover more …) 

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